Accessing Class Properties

The Class Properties dialog can be accessed by the following procedures:

The icons for all classes in the Tree Views have no small square masks at the lower left corner. With the exception of link icons, which have no mask just like class icons, all object icons have light blue square masks and all part icons have dark blue square masks.

Class Properties Dialog

The Class Properties dialog is an editor for entering and modifying class properties. The header area shows the class name and its path. In the Schema Definition, the class name can be changed. The class name is an identifier, which must be started with a letter. The syntax can be found in the GUI Control Data Representation section of the SansGUI Reference Manual. The Class Path field shows the path of the parent class with the category enclosed in angle brackets < >.

The icon of the class is displayed in a large button at the upper left corner of the dialog. A default icon is provided for the class until the simulation developer changes it. The grid area may contain multiple tabbed sheets, depending on the type of the class. In all classes, there is an Identity tab which contains the following common information:

Class Icon

The class icon is a Windows icon containing both a large icon (32x32 pixels) and a small icon (16x16 pixels). It can be changed through the Change Icon... button at the lower right corner of the dialog. You can use the icon editor in your programming environment (IDE) or any icon editor to create an .ico file. In any case, make sure the icon file has both a large icon and a small icon.

Class ID

Sharing Options

All the following sharing properties are for display only. They can be modified through the Class Sharing Properties dialog described in the Sharing Classes section later in this chapter.

Class Status

The class status fields may be enabled or disabled according to the nature of the class. When the field is enabled, you can check or uncheck the box by using the SpaceBar as the toggle, or by clicking on it using the mouse.

Class Documentation

Properties of Specific Classes

Component classes contain a DLL, a Port, and a Connectivity sheets. See the Defining Component Classes section in this chapter for more details.

Reference classes contain a DLL sheet. See the Defining Reference Classes section in this chapter for more details.


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