Creating Project Models

The contents of a Project Model are described in the previous section, titled What is a Project Model? To create a Project Model for a particular simulator, you need the simulator installed in your computer.

Verifying Simulator Installation

Each simulator should have at least two files:

The Help>About SansGUI... dialog can be used to locate properly installed simulators. The Installed Simulators section at the center of the About dialog can display the simulators in an Outline large icon format (default) or a Detailed list format. Clicking on the Detailed radio button, you can see a list of installed simulators with their versions, companies and groups that created them, short descriptions, options available, and the Object Library (with .sgo file extension) locations.

The default Object Library is in the lib subdirectory of the SansGUI installation directory and the executable program file of the simulator is in the sim subdirectory. You don't really need these files be installed in the default directories because SansGUI provides users with a File Locator whenever file paths are needed. You need to know where the two files can be located prior to creating Project Models for the simulator. You may need to check with your simulator supplier for additional requirements.

Creating a New Project Model

To create a new Project Model, use the menu item File>New... or click on the New button on the File toolbar. There will be a New dialog for selecting the file type from the list -- Project Model (.sgp) and Object Library (.sgo) types for the SansGUI Run-Time Environment. Select the default Project Model type and click on the OK button.

Once the Project Model type is selected, a Project Model [Create] dialog will be displayed for you to pick the simulator. Click on the row entry of the simulator program you would like to create a Project Model for. You will see the Base Object Library and Description field at the top of the dialog being displayed. If your simulator has not been installed in the default directories. You can click on the Browse... button to the right of the dialog to obtain an Object Library Locator dialog to go to the proper installation directory for the Object Library.

There are options in the Project Model [Create] dialog:


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