External Process Simulation Control

External process simulators are implemented as executable programs running in an external process. SansGUI uses an invocation script to start the simulator in a process, external to SansGUI. After the process starts, SansGUI does not wait for the process to finish; therefore, the user can move on to other tasks in the SansGUI environment. To obtain the Project Model built by the user, an external process simulator needs to read a textual Model File described in the next chapter, SansGUI Model File Format. SansGUI does not have any flow control mechanism for the simulation run; it is totally up to the external program. The following section explains the code in the invocation script.

Invocation Script For Windows

The invocation script for the Windows environment is implemented in a batch command file named SGxProc.bat. It can be found in the bin subdirectory of the SansGUI installation directory. The usage of the invocation script is given as the following:


SGxProc <XProcPath> <OptionCode> <Drive> <WorkDirNoDrive> <DataFile> <FileType> {ExtraParams}



When customization of the invocation script is necessary, make a copy of the original invocation script and store it in a different directory for making changes. Use the simulation control object to specify the customized invocation script path.

Command Line Arguments of Simulator

With the default invocation script, an external process simulator should be implemented to process the following command line arguments:

ProgramName <OptionCode> <DataFile> <FileType> {ExtraParams}

These command line arguments will receive the parameters passed by the invocation script. The definitions of the parameters are the same.


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