Importing Classes

A class can be imported to an Object Library or a Project Model only when it is compatible with the simulator, or defined as sharable. Similar to importing objects, some issues may be raised:

You need to understand the requirements of the class to be imported and fix the above issues by importing the necessary objects or classes prior to importing the class. SansGUI will prompt you with error messages should the problems occur.

Procedures for Importing Classes

Similar to Importing Objects, compatible and sharable classes can be imported from a source document to a target using a drag-and-drop operation.

Functions in Imported Classes

Since there may be some class behavior implemented as class functions that are associated with the imported class, you need to be aware of how these functions can be called. From the simulation user's standpoint, all the class functions of the imported class shall be implemented as user overriding routines in a separate dynamic-linked library per class. Chapter 6 Overriding Simulator Routines explains how it works and how to implement the overriding routines.


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