Object Library

An Object Library is a compiled output from a Schema Definition for a simulator. It is a file generated by the SansGUI Development Environment. This file can be customizable by the simulation developer to include additional objects with default or sample values. This Object Library can then be distributed to the users with the simulator, implemented as either a dynamic linked library (DLL) or an external process executable program.

In addition to the compiled Schema Definition, an Object Library may contain objects prepared by the simulation developer and/or sharable classes imported from other Object Libraries.

Convenient Objects

The simulation developer can prepare some convenient objects and store them in the Object Library before distributing the simulator. These objects may contain:

When creating a Project Model from an Object Library, the user has a choice of keeping all of the convenient objects (All Objects) or not (Minimal). The simulation developer can lock certain objects in a service session so that they will be kept even when the user selects the minimal option.

Imported Classes

Classes created from other simulators but marked as sharable may be imported to the Object Library before distribution. These classes must have sharing options defined to be compatible with the simulator identification in the Object Library, so that they can be imported successfully.

The imported class icon mask can be suppressed in a service session so that the users will not see them as imported. The functions of the imported classes can be integrated in the simulator's DLL or distributed as a separate DLL. As a separate DLL, the user can treat it as containing user overriding functions and move it further to other simulation projects.


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