Operating on Attribute Grid View

In addition to creating new attributes in a class, described in the previous section Adding Attributes to Classes, there are other useful class information and operations available in the Attribute Grid View.

Elements in Attribute Grid View

The header of the Attribute Grid View contains the following information about the class:

Deleting Attributes

Only attributes that are local to the class, not inherited from the ancestor classes, can be deleted. To delete an attribute, perform the following:

Arranging Attribute Sequence

The sequence of the attributes is important because you will use a set of matching indices to access data object values in the simulator program. When you add a new attribute, it is always appended to the end of the attribute list. You can then move it to the desired position.

You can only arrange locally defined attributes. If you need to change the sequence of the attributes defined in an ancestor class, you need to go to that class to rearrange it.

Zooming In and Out

The Attribute Grid View can be enlarged or reduced in size to suit your display needs. Available controls are:


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