Simulation Control Objects

In addition to component and reference objects, SansGUI provides simulation control objects for the types of simulation control involved, and the simulation control parameters. Due to its object-oriented nature, SansGUI uses objects to determine the mechanism of simulation control. The names of the simulation control objects are always Default. The SansGUI Object System supports two types of simulation: In-Process Simulation Controls and External Process Simulation Controls.

In-Process Simulation Control

In-process simulation means that the simulation will be executed in a thread inside the SansGUI process. The simulator will be using the same memory space that SansGUI allocated for the user's model. When in-process simulation is available, one of the supported in-process simulation control object is generated during a Project Model creation.

Cycle Simulation

SansGUI supports in-process cycle simulations with the following user parameters:

All these parameters are optional or have some default values. There may also be additional parameters defined by the simulation developer. The simulation user should examine them before starting a simulation.

External Process Simulation Control

External process simulation means that the simulation will be executed in a process external to the SansGUI process.

The in-process and external process simulation controls do not have to be mutually exclusive. When both are defined in the simulator, the user can run in-process simulation in a highly interactive session while sending the model to an external job for an off-hour simulation run.


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