Tuning Environment Parameters

Normally, you do not need to perform any operations described in this section. However, in certain computer configurations, considering CPU speed, memory size, your model size, the number of simultaneously opened documents and the number of other applications running at the same time, you may wish to find tune some of the optional parameters. These parameters can be displayed and modified from Options dialog accessed via the Tools>Options... pull-down menu selection. Once you have the Options dialog displayed, you can find three groups of parameters as following.

Document Dependent Options

Environment Options

3D Graphics Rendering Options

By default, SansGUI detects the 3D graphics configurations of your computer to decide how to display Graphics objects in Graphics Windows. Under certain circumstances, however, you may need to select a different option manually: 1) you have a special graphics controller card that supports OpenGL with accelerated hardware but SansGUI cannot detect it, and 2) you are encountering a Microsoft generic OpenGL implementation bug, Microsoft Knowledge Base 272222, with which the Graphics Windows are not completely rendered along their right and bottom edges. The options are:

The change of this option is effective only in Graphics Windows opened subsequently. You need to close all previously opened Graphics Windows and reopen them to be effective.


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