Adding Classes

The Classes section in Chapter 1 of this manual contains an introduction to classes in the SansGUI environment. Here we describe how classes can be created to define the kinds of elements involved in a simulator.

Creating Classes

To create classes for a simulator, you need to have a Schema Definition already created. If you have not done so, please refer to the beginning of this chapter on Creating Schema Definitions. Suppose you have the Schema Definition for the simulator opened in the SansGUI Development Environment, you can add a class by creating a subclass from a parent class or creating a sibling class from other siblings. The procedures are:

More on Adding Classes

Once the class is created in the Tree View, you need to examine the following sections in this manual to see if you need to enter additional definitions in the class. Adding Attributes to Classes is a common task to finish up the class definition. Other class dependent sections are listed as well.

If you need to delete an unwanted class, please consult the Operating on Class Tree View section for the procedure and other related topics.


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