Setting up Plot Types

SansGUI currently support two types of data plots from the Result View:

The types of plots depend on a single factor -- what the logged attribute selected for the X-axis is to be used for. If the data series of the logged attribute is to be used as X-axis labels, the Labeled Series Plot type is selected. If the data series of the logged attribute is to be used as X data, the X-Y Data Plot type is selected.

Selecting Data Series

To select a data series in a logged attribute is quite simple -- right click on any cell under the attribute and select Set As Y Data, Set As X Data, or Set As X Labels from the context menu.

When multiple Y series data have been selected, those from compatible attributes will be plotted together. This includes a requirement of having the same measuring unit. Data series from incompatible attributes will be plotted in separate sub-charts.

Clearing All Selections

If you need to start from a new plotting specification, select Clear All XY Selections from the same context menu as you select data series. All the X and Y settings will be cleared.


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