Examining Result Views

A Result View contains the simulation results in a tabular format. To obtain the results, you need to set up some logged attributes before simulation runs. The procedure is described in the Setting up Result Log section in Chapter 3. The Result View can be located in the bottom pane with a tab named Result. Clicking on the tab during or after a simulation run will lead you to the Result View.

Updating Result Views

A Result View is updated per Screen Refresh Interval specified in the Default simulation control object in the Project Model. If you switch to the Result View while the simulation is running, you can see new results being appended to the end of the log. The number of rows in the Result View is specified in the Tuning Environment Parameters section in Chapter 7. If the result log size is greater than the number of rows specified for the Result View, old results will be removed to accommodate new results. The data values displayed in the Result View are protected; they cannot be edited directly through the Result View.

Headers in Result Views

Each column in the Result View represents a logged attribute of a part, link, or object. There are a few rows on top of the Result View reserved for the headers of the attribute.

Double clicking on any cell in the column will invoke the associated Properties dialog for you to change the values of the part, link, or object. It will not, however, affect the data values displayed in the Result View.


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